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CT Logistics is a multi-faceted organization comprised of three distinct, yet closely related companies. Our core strength and expertise is centered on freight audit and freight payment as well as rating solutions.

The Commercial Traffic Company (CT) is a third-party freight audit and freight payment company that has been in business since 1923. CT performs pre audit, freight payment, and post audit services for hundreds of organizations dispersing billions of dollars annually for freight costs. Our premier service offering, AuditPay, capitalizes on the robust functionality of FreitRater™ to benefit client companies wanting a precise pre-audit and payment process performed.

This red train doesn't have to stop because of our freight payment services

This white plane is headed where it needs to go with our transportation software Commercial Transportation Services (CTS) is the software arm of CT Logistics that actively develops, sells, and supports our freight software, FreitRater™. FreitRater™ is an intelligent rules-based application that has been embraced by both the shipper and carrier communities. The major benefits of this system is its astounding ability to calculate complex rating scenarios instantaneously, ensuring accurate billing for carriers, and unmatched auditing functions for shippers. The identical FreitRater™ package sold in the market place is used internally at our third-party service bureau company to audit & pay millions of freight transactions annually, making it one of the most powerful freight software / transportation software packages available today.

Commercial Transportation Management Services Inc. (CTMSI) is a full-service 3PL actively marketing TranSaver, a shipper’s consortium that pools the freight of many small to medium-sized organizations to leverage premium discounts with their carrier base. CTMSI also specializes in handling traditional third-party logistics solutions that include on-site freight under management, inbound freight coordination, control, and dispatching for complete 3PL out-sourced solutions. This truck never needs to worry about mistakes because of our freight post audit services.

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